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Maybe A Cupcake Will Help?

Bakery In Asheville | SmallCakes

You may have seen us on Cupcake Wars, and we're just as ready to fight for your taste buds! We're now considered one of the best bakeries in Asheville, and if you haven't tried our cupcakes or ice cream, you sure have heard about them. Don't miss out... come visit us today! You can also call us anytime to ask any questions or to order some of our delicious cupcakes to pick up, or you can set up our catering service for events.

The Best Cupcakes in Asheville

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Take a look at our locally famous cupcake menu! But be careful because you may want them all... and hide them from your family!

Of all the Asheville bakeries, we're Asheville's favorite because our cupcakes are made fresh every day, and with the most delicious and natural ingredients available. Our cake didn't get so good by accident, no, we spent lots of hours and love to make our cakes the best in Asheville. We also have cultivated an amazing place for anyone to be, let alone enjoying a fabulously fresh and sweet cupcake in a wonderful environment!

We have 250 unique rotating cupcake flavors with our 12 signature cakes offered every day! If you're looking for a fun time and a delicious snack, come see us in Biltmore Park and grab some food at any of the many restaurants located within yards from us.

Asheville Ice Cream

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Yes, we're a bakery in Asheville, but we also make some of the best ice cream in Asheville! With ten different amazing flavors you're bound to leave with plans to come back and try the other unique ice cream flavors. We have 60 rotating, creamy ice cream flavors that will blow your taste buds away. Every time you come in there will be new flavors for you to try, so there is never a dull moment at this Smallcakes Asheville NC bakery! We'll let you try our flavors before you decide because we want you to understand that it's just not that easy of a decision.

Bakery In Asheville NC

Small Cakes is a family owned Asheville bakery that loves their craft and their community. We give back to our lovely community here in Asheville every chance we get, from catering events to volunteering our time, and even helping other small businesses grow. Our home in Biltmore Park is the best place we could've imagined to serve our city the best desserts, cupcakes, and ice cream in the city! Having an Asheville NC bakery is the most joyous blessing for us. We get to see our community and our neighbors every day, and we get to see them smile when they bite into one of our unique cupcakes, or our creamy ice cream, and it's all made with the freshest and healthiest ingredients! We make all of our cupcakes fresh, and we donate our left overs when we can, of course, after we take home some.


Small Cakes Asheville Bakery

A bakery and cupcakery called Smallcakes, was founded July 2008 in Kansas City, MO by Jeff Martin. People loved it! Jeff made the culture around his Smallcakes bakery one that's soul mission was to put smiles on peoples' faces by making the best cupcakes and desserts they had ever had, and by having an environment that everyone wanted to be in. In 2010, after appearing on the first season of Food Networks’, “Cupcake Wars," a second Smallcakes location was opened, also in Kansas City. The Smallcakes brand, the delicious recipes, and the wonderful joyous culture Jeff had created, continued to gain national attention after appearing on the hit daytime talk show “The View” as well as the second and seventh seasons of Cupcake Wars. This afforded Jeff Martin, and his “Smallcakes,” the opportunity to cater the gifting suite at the MTV Music Video awards and other celebrity events. Jeff was making it. Talk about American Made! USA TODAY has listed Smallcakes as the Top 10 places to try a cupcake, and our cupcakes are even better here at our bakery in Asheville! We took Jeff's brand and created our own just with the same name. Asheville, NC and all of Western North Carolina knows who we are and where to get the best desserts. Smallcakes is a franchise, but the corporate side doesn't help the franchises with much at all, which is just fine with us. We love the opportunity to spread the Smallcakes love through our own Asheville NC bakery. Smallcakes was also voted as one of the fastest growing food brands in the United States in 2015. We do believe in the Smallcakes slogan of “Maybe a Cupcake Will Help?” Because we've dedicated our brand to helping the community improve, evolve, and prosper. To date, Smallcakes has over 150 locations in the United States. T.B.M Smallcakes is the first location in Western North Carolina. There are other NC locations in Burlington, Cary, Charlotte, Durham, Huntersville, & Winterville. However, they all agree, we can go toe-to-toe with any of them in any cupcake war!

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